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Outbound Guru

Looking to enhance your team’s skills and talents in a unique, fun and adventurousway? You’ve come to the right place, then!

Outbound Guru is a specialized company that designs extremely impactful and high-quality outbound programs that challenge individuals on physical, intellectual and emotional aspects.

Our fantastic gurus are enthusiastic, well experienced and certified experts in their respected fields.

Take on an adventure to develop new abilities, enhance and hone strengths, build better relationships all while having a great time with Outbound Guru!

Fill your life with adventure. Have a tale to tell!



Value Creation

  • Design and execute innovative outbound programs that help achieve the client’s goals while adding value to their organization.


  • Driven by a dedicated passion to innovate and create new methods in outbound learning.


  • Conform to international safety standards to ensure that clients can learn, and enjoy activities in a safe environments.

Our core values are rules that all gurus agree to live by!


Classroom teaching and simulations might be quick to execute, however many studies have demonstrated that they are not as effective or memorable as they should be.

Outbound Guru believes “The key to success is to always be ready!” and we help you stay ready for whatever the future of business holds!

Outbound learning is more investigational and concentrates on self-learning which has a greater, and long-lasting impact on an individual as well as the team. Strong managers are trained in tougher environments out of their comfort zones. Hardships and risk associated with outbound programs help organizations bring out the best in their managers and make them ready to face risky complex situations and lead teams under pressure.

The key to success is to always be ready!


Guru Cool

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    Trainers & Activity Experts

    • Seasoned trainers having a knack to connect activities’ learning to daily life.
    • Qualified, Certified, Passionate and Experienced Activity Experts to design and lead the outbound programs.
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    Training Team

    • In-house content developers to design unique and bespoke content.
    • Team of Behavioural Facilitators to Facilitate Learning/ Self-Reflection.
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    Outbound Destinations

    • Exclusive tie-up with more than 50 outbound centers and resorts across Country to offer hassle free programs.
    • High safety standards and comfortable amenities.
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    Industry Experience

    • Experiences in various industry segments across age groups to ensure appropriate skill development.
    • Combined team experience of 25+ years in the training sector.

Trust me, Guru knows best!

Guru Rocks

Walk the Talk with us!

Manager’s Manager

The Manager’s Manager needs to be encouraging, inspiring and motivating to ensure a positive environment throughout the organization. They have to adapt the quickest to industry and market changes and develop strategies that can swiftly be applied throughout the department to adjust to these changes.

Outbound Guru customizes Change & Strategy Management Program, Transformational & Results Driven Leadership programs, along with other developmental programs for the Senior Management.

The most powerful leadership tool you have is your own example!

Team Leads

Team leads need to translate and apply the senior management’s strategies in a way that their team is best able to execute them.

They have the challenge of analyzing individual strengths and weaknesses in the team and ensure a high performance. Team Leads are seen as potential ‘Senior Management Material’ and are groomed accordingly.

Outbound Guru offers Team Leads bespoke programs to enhance strategic orientation & execution, lead effectively through team building, inspiring & motivating team, developing talent, leading through examples, building cross functional synergies & collaboration; and much more.

Leaders have the capacity to turn vision into reality!

Individual Contributors

Each one is a single drop but together we are an ocean. Individual contributors, and their work, amount to an organization’s success. Each team members brings his or her own uniqueness to the team that develops its power to execute instructions effectively and efficiently.

Outbound Guru designs program that train individual contributors on company values, effective team working & working with others, adapting to change, experimenting with innovation and creativity yet adhering to systems & processes.

When there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved!

Campus To Corporate

New graduates are well educated in their respective fields however; they sometimes lack the finesse required in a corporate world.

Our special campus to corporate program trains new joinees on understanding importance of ownership & accountability, disciple & commitment, taking initiatives & going an extra mile, team synergy, identifying their talents & strengths to leverage on it, alignment with organization and the ability to see the larger picture & other critical aspects.

The expert in anything was once a beginner!


Students are under tremendous pressure to study and give their best to academics. What is also needed at this age is to identify and nurture their inherent talents.

Through outbound programs, students’ natural strengths emerge. Our facilitators identify their strengths, weaknesses to provide them with an action plan to use them effectively in their academic life as well as careers.

Outbound Guru’s programs are fun, exciting and adventurous which are most effective in getting the message across to this age group. We develop programs that go inline with academic learning for schools and colleges looking to impart knowledge in a different way.

You are capable of amazing things!


Outbound programs are new generation techniques used to enhance the efficiency of employees through experiential learning.

Outbound programs enable participants to learn by allowing them to:
  • Perform the activities.
  • Reflect on self-performance.
  • Gain insight from the trainer & fellow teammatese.
  • Apply the additional knowledge to.
  • Enhance & improve performance.

As the name suggests, outbound programs are conducted at a place away from the actual work environment and aims at improving the interpersonal, communication and leadership skills of the employees.

Adding ‘stickiness’ to your learnings!


Outbound programs have become increasingly popular as they help achieve learning goals, identified by the organization, in an enjoyable, yet effective, manner. They are designed to draw participants out of their comfort zone, bring out their ‘true-self’ and challenge their risk-taking and leadership abilities.

A natural environment combined with proven training processes has many benefits. Individuals learn more about their thoughts, feelings and behavioural patterns by performing outbound activities and through trainer-led sessions. These practical experiences have longer term recall which helps them to apply insights, from the outbound program, and tools in real life scenarios ultimately leading to growth.

Outbound is the best way to learn!


Outbound programs can be done anytime of the year. Only few outbound activities and locations have some weather/ locational challenges that are clarified during the venue/ program finalization.

When inertia has set in an organization, outbound programs can bring in fresh ideas and thoughts.

Organizations sometimes prefer outbound programs before a big change is due to ensure the entire team is in sync, communication channels are clear and individuals are better able to adapt to changes.

In short, any time is the right time for Outbound Programs!


The key emphasis, in outbound learning programs, is laid on
‘Experiential Learning’.

Participants are made to undergo various activities and exercise, led by outbound activity experts and trainers, to experience certain behaviours, patterns before a debriefing sessions that helps analyze and channelize the behavioral changes that would lead to individual and organizational growth.


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1118, 11th Floor, Hubtown Solaris, Prof. N. S. Phadke Marg, Opp. Rajashree Sahu Marg, Vijay Nagar, Andheri (East),
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